Plastic Wrap textures mega bundle


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Add a new topic and discover this awesome Plastic Wrap texture pack! Potential your designs with every texture, you have the control of 30 realistic Plastic Wrap textures, All of them have amazing details and variety of forms and plastic waves, ideal for trending flyers, album artwork (easy to combine with CD’s mockups or packaging), social media, etc. I added 90 crazy editions so you get per texture: 1 RAW edition, FX effects version 1 and 2 getting 120 textures! This is a great pack that combines Plastic textures and some grunge texture versions coming to form a better texture set. Each jpg has 5184 x 3456 px. What’s included?

  • 30 Original textures
  • 30 RAW Edition
  • 30 FX Edition
  • 30 FX Edition 2
  • Secret bonus
  • Instructions

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