Liquid and Glitch Textures


Product Description

Create a great variety of designs, each texture each infinity of combinations!

How can you do a limitless color form? Liquid textures show us the way. This is a specific study of color, harmonics gradients with a strong structure indicated by contrast curves, that give us the path to make a better flyer, background for Apps – web design and also the possibility to establish the parameters of a Glitch video on After Effects.

Make unique every project, feel the liberty of changing every color on Photoshop or any image edition software and when you are ready combine it with a Glitch texture that you want! Use one part or all the image, it’s your election now!.This product is perfect for social media, photo manipulation, flyers, backgrounds for web design or app design, promotional branding, presentations, etc. you set the limit. Each has 5184 x 3456 px.

What’s included?

  • 50 Original textures
  • 50 FX Edition
  • 50 FX Edition 2
  • Secret bonus
  • Instructions

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