How to HACK Instagram Stories & add custom stickers!

Check out this awesome hack from the Pro Church Media team that allows you to add custom PNG stickers to your Instagram stories. It is SUPER EASY and gives you so much more creative control over your IG brand online.


Watch the reel here:



Add any of your custom PNG stickers to your phone. (TIP: Make an album OR favorite them so you can find them super fast!)


Next, open up Instagram. Add a new story and navigate over to ‘stickers’ and scroll down until you find ‘photos’.


Place and adjust your stickers any way you want! (TIP: if you tap on a sticker you can also change it’s shape to some pre-made crops from Instagram.)


Wait! Need some awesome custom stickers???

Check out the Social Media Sticker Bundle from the PCM Reel!

More Social Media Stickers!

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