Tooolkit Producer Dashboard

Below is a quick video tutorial about how to add and manage your products. You can also update your profile for your public vendor page, update your PayPal email and manage your account.

Quick Links

Use the links below to get started by adding a product, editing, and more!

Upload Products

Upload a new product, add files, description, images, & tags.

Manage Products

Manage your current products, update pricing or add new files.

Producer Profile

Update your vendor profile, add a header, social & website links.

Personal Profile

Manage your profile password and log-in details.

payment details

Make sure to add your PayPal email for montthly payouts. (PayPal ONLY)

Your Orders

See your all time and recent orders. (please no editing orders at this time)

Quick Info / FAQ

Add A New Product

Below is a bullet point list for each field needed for adding a product successfully.

  • Add Product Name
  • Set Price
  • Add dropbox link or file:
    • For dropbox, you must delete the last digit in the file extension ‘=0’ and set it to ‘=1’
  • Set Price in Credits (this is for commercial licensing)
  • Add your short desciption (this is the only description that will show up on the product page)
  • Add Main Image and any additional images
  • Add Tags
  • Add Categories – be sure to include YOUR vendor tag and ‘tooolkit’
  • Submit for review!



Pricing & Credits

Price – this is your normal price for your Tooolkit product for personal licensing.

Sale Price – This will override your normal price and set your product on sale.

Credits – this is for setting commercial pricing for your product. You can either set this at a higher price or make it equal to the same price that you set for personal licensing.

*All other options you can leave blank.



Order Status

Depending on payment type, sometimes our system will set a product order to pending payment or processing. We manage all order statuses on the admin side, so you do not need to make any changes or updates to your orders.

Canceled orders / Failed orders – these orders were not completed or were refunded.



Producer Payouts

We use only PayPal for your payouts at this time, unless otherwise arranged.

Payouts are paid monthly for the previous month’s sales based on your commission rate minus transaction fees.

Your commission rate can be found in your Producer Profile.

Need Help?

Send me a message or email and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Send me a message!

Or Email…

You can also email me directly at megan@prochurchmedia.com

– Megan Watson

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Thank you for being a contributor to Tooolkit! We value and love our community of dedicated and talented artists. We are here to help you in any way we can. Reach out anytime!

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